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Troukoors - ShowMax Series

In this sexy Afrikaans comedy, a freak accident sets a wedding planner on an unexpected path. Together with her friends she navigates life and love while wondering if the perfect person, and day, really exists. BELHAUZEN played a big part in the wardrobe creation throughout this series.


Raised in the countryside and spending most of her time surrounded by nature and animals, she wanted to create a brand that reflects a slower pace and process, where garments are made with care and detail, where the environment is more important than trend and where there is a purpose to every piece.

Prestige Magazine

Across the globe, the realm of luxury fashion is undergoing a remarkable transformation as sustainability takes centre stage. Belinda Venter is at the helm of a brand that reflects a slower pace and process. The brand reflects Belinda’s vision of sustainable luxury with a conscience, creating timeless, modern & elegant garments.

Mishka Loesch

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