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Who we are

BELHAUZEN, founded in 2021 by Creative Designer, Belinda Venter. Belinda shares her vision of Sustainable Luxury with a strong focus on comfort and style with designs that are elegant, comfortable, visually powerful and above all timeless.

Our Mission

We believe that the best way to limit your impact is to buy quality garments that will last a lifetime and therefore have a sustainable approach, by focusing on slow fashion, using natural and recycled fabrics, mixed with season-less styles that can be dressed up or down and worn throughout the year, every year, to stand the test of time.

All garments are crafted in-house, in the heart of Cape Town, by Belinda and her small team of skilled artisans.

Our Impact

BELHAUZEN partnered with Cre8tion Projects to up-skill unprivileged local citizens from cape town in the clothing and manufacturing sector.

Together they are hoping to lower unemployment statistics around Cape Town & Johannesburg, to create more job opportunities for such citizens by giving them the necessary skills and qualifications to strengthen the local fashion & manufacturing industry.

Our Fabrics

We only use recycled, high end luxury & all natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, bamboo etc. All our fabrics are locally sourced, pre-washed and shrinked, before our garments are made, to ensure the quality remains the same as when you purchase our garments in store or online.

To add uniqueness, we use non-toxic, natural dye and eco-friendly printing.

We love linen! Did you know that linen’s quality improves the more it’s washed? It becomes softer and less wrinkled, not to mention the breathability and anti-bacterial qualities. It’s a luxury and essential for your skin!

Our Identity

Our identity is found in our timeless, elegant designs. We have a love for flattering fits to complement each women’s body shape, with comfort and effortless style.

Luxury can be found in each detail, from fabric to design.

Our Inspiration

BELHAUZEN is inspired by the effortlessly, modern women of this world. We found our inspiration in the uniqueness of each and every woman. YOU are our inspiration!

From passion, love, luxury & a desire for sustainable fashion, our Chief Designer, Belinda, shares her elegancy through each and every unique piece BELHAUZEN offers the beautiful woman of this world.

Sustainable, Luxurious, Sophisticated & all Natural

We would love for you to join us on our mission and be part of our journey to a better future!
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